kelly and kai reduced

Kelly has been living and practicing  body work and massage therapy  in Halifax for over twenty years. He became interested in the body/mind field in 1981 while living in northern Quebec where he was introduced to Yoga, acupuncture, meditation, Therese Bertherat’s  Antigymnastics, and Eutonie (a body awareness approach pioneered by Gerda Alexander of Denmark). He became fascinated by the connection between non-traditional approaches to “exercising” and the way in which they provided an opening into a larger experience of self. These approaches differed from mainstream fitness and seemed to enlarge one’s sense of identity and the experience of interconnectedness, facilitating mind-body integration and healing.

In Montreal he continued studying Eutonie, and experienced Rolfing and the Alexander Technique.  He was then introduced to Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes and to individual sessions called Functional Integration.  He enrolled in the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program held in Toronto from 1984 to1987. Since graduating from this program he has taught The Feldenkrais Method with the Dalhousie University Theatre Department from 1990 to 2002.as well as Feldenkrais workshops in a number of centres in Atlantic Canada.  After training in a number of other modalities his practice has grown to include Massage Therapy,  the Bowen Technique, Qigong, Eugene Gendlin’s “Focusing” and energy modalities most recently Reconnective Therapy of Dr. Eric Pearl.